Why Falqunon?
Why Falqunon?

Why Falqunon

At Fahd Al Qanoun, we aim to be the first representative of Saudi Arabia in many local and foreign forums and carnivals, and to be a global brand in honey and its products in Saudi hands.

  • We participated in the 2016 Asian conference in Jeddah

  • We participated in many forums internally and externally

  • We participated in the Africa Bee Expo Conference in the Republic of Tunisia

  • We participated in the first international conference of the Arab Society for Beekeeping in 2018 AD in Abu Dhabi

  • We participated in the Second International Conference of the Arab Society and the fifteenth conference of the Asian Beekeepers Association in 2019 AD in Abu Dhabi

We obtained many local and foreign awards

  • We were honored by His Royal Highness Prince: Faisal Bin Fahd Bin Muqrin Bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Governor of Ha’il region, at a workshop on beekeeping

  • We were honored by His Excellency the Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Water, Professor: Abdul Rahman Al-Fadhli

  • We got the first place for the category of honey wax in the first conference at the level of the Arab world 2018 AD for the Arab Association in the year and the continent of Asia

  • We got the third place for crystallized honey category at the level of the second conference of the Arab Society in 2019 in the Arab world and Asia

Quality and Fahad Al Qanoon

Fahad Al Qanoon is concerned with quality at all levels. When it visited
The President of the World Beekeepers Federation Professor Phillip Mac Janah Fahd
Law in the Asian Conference held in the city of Jeddah in 2016 AD and praised all types of honey produced by the Fahd Al-Qanoun Foundation, in particular honey.
We thank you very much for your trust in us

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